Antwerp Personal Shopping Tour

You will arrive in Antwerp in its Central Railway Station. Built in 1905 by the architect Louis Delacenserie, Antwerp’s main railway station is considered to be one of the most beautiful stations in the world.

Antwerp, Belgium’s second-biggest city, is by far its hippest.

Creative Hub

Located at 2 hour and 18 minutes from Paris by high-speed train, Antwerp has always been a creative hub, from the artistic paintings of Pieter Paul Rubens in the 1600s to the fashion entrance of the “Antwerp 6” in the 90s and new designers afterwards. Antwerp is the nation’s fashion capital and a great place to shop. And beside fashion, Antwerp is also known for its diamonds and of course its Belgian chocolate. It’s certainly worth to be discovered.

The historic centre

The Antwerp shopping tour is concentrated around the historic centre where most of the stylish designer boutiques are located.

It’s also the home of the MoMu – the Antwerp fashion museum. MoMu has an astonishing collection of 25,000 fashion-related items, bridging the catwalk between yesterday and today’s fashion trends.

Antwerp South

A little farther afield, in Antwerp South, is the flagship store of Ann Demeulemeester and a lovely jewellery gallery.

Certainly worth a visit after shopping is the Red Star Line museum. Between 1873 and 1935 the Red Star Line shipping company transported almost three million people from Antwerp to America and Canada. The museum tells the story of the millions of Europeans who were brave or desperate enough to leave their old life behind and look for a better existence.